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Texas is a special place when it comes to Barbecue or restaurant BBQ joints around the city. Texans have a traditional way of preparing meat in such a unique way that it is superior in taste and presentation in the whole of the states. When it comes to restaurant barbecue, Texas has it all but what makes Texas BBQ so special is that its tradition is divided into four major styles which all have their uniqueness inbound.  These styles are referred to as central Texas style, east Texas, south Texas, and west Texas.


Of course, it is obvious that beef is the primary element for barbeque. But when we talk about Texas BBQ it becomes special because that is what it makes it special. Beef is the first choice for Texans for BBQ which can be seen throughout 2000 restaurants as their main course on the menu. It has a historical background as well. Texans arguably prefer beef over pork and any other meat which shows their consistency in their cooking skills. You go to any BBQ restaurant joint, you will be amazed by the perfectly cooked beef and its presentation.

Brisket with two types are moist and lean

Another distinct feature that makes Texan restaurant BBQ so pleasant and unique is that the brisket is presented into two portions a leaner which has a lot of taste to offer and the second is a moist portion with some fat. The flavor brings to the table is amazing because it is so well cooked that you forget everything else. Some restaurants offer both types other just go with either moist or leaner options for the customers. Cooking is the core of everything involved in the recipe. Both moist brisket and lean are perfectly cooked and served wherever you go to any restaurant barbeque in Texas City.


The BBQ you will experience in Texas is unparallel because of its texture and options available to customers. Its normal to have loads of free white breed, onions, and pickles for better taste. It happens quite often that a customer gets free bread and pickles in order unless a premium order for fancy bread. The standard is pretty tasty with free offerings. Another important aspect of better barbeque is that restaurant prefers BBQ using wood over gas or charcoal which brings natural flavors taste much better. Master chiefs around the city favor wood on gas, working in an old-fashioned way. Smoke is a new trend these days for most people but not for Texans as their tradition especially from central Texas it’s wood fire that is mostly used for cooking BBQ. Check here.

All in all, the way BBQ is cooked, different methods keeping in view of tradition is amazing. Most of the BBQ is done outside in open air. While doing BBQ, one of the most difficult parts is managing the fire so the meat is not overcooked or undercooked. The Texans are amazingly good at keeping the meat perfectly cooked throughout the process. The simplicity of their cooking, presentation and strong basic foundation about Barbecue makes the taste very special and is love around the world.




BBC Restaurant and barbecue! The word only says America. Barbecuing is part of their heritage. Through the history of their nation, several factors have played their part. There are regional variances that have also played an important role in the barbecue revolution. The types of meat, the way they are cooked, the spices, the sauces and even the side dishes have played a role in the progress of barbecue art. The grill is cooking fast and hot over a direct heat or direct flame. The barbecue is cooked over low heat and slow over secondary heat. It is usually smoked with wood, but several people use charcoal or a combination of both in charcoal grills or in barbecue smokers. Barbecuing is a way to create a piece of hard meat, it tastes very good.

A Brief History of Barbecue

The history of this national pastime began in the south, where pigs were abundant. The hog meat was separated. The good meat was kept for the owners of the plantations and their families, and the rest was provided to the slaves to do what they wanted. Usually, they were provided pork ribs and shoulders that can be difficult. But cooked correctly, they offered wonderful, tasty and delicious meals. Being hot and sensual in the south, several meals were cooked outside to maintain the heat from cooking outside the house. This is where the barbecue pit played an important role. Wells were dug and wood fires started in the wells and the meat was cooked slowly over the embers and smoke.

Major BBQ Styles and Regions in the US

Americans love to cook on the grill. They love summer picnics, hot dogs, baseball, and burgers cooked on the grill, and apple pie. Also, they have the barbecue, which is imbued with their rich history and mixed cultures that make them who we are. Nowadays, there are four main barbecue regions. North Carolina, Memphis, Texas, and Kansas City. Each of these regions has its own favorit nuances and has added important contributions to the evolution of American tradition.

NC Barbecue

The North Carolina region began with the slave population as discussed previously. Nowadays it is still mainly pork products. There are ribs, but pork shoulder plays a vital role here. It is a cheap meat cut and does not dry rapidly once smoked. The dish that comes from this great piece of meat is minced or pulled meat that may be served in sandwiches. Few places use the whole pig to prepare the minced pork. Using the whole pig, it has various flavors and textures that once mixed together create a wonderful meal. A combination of vinegar, pepper, salt, ketchup, and water, although all sauces vary. A good flavor and texture added to this sandwich, is to put the cabbage salad on top.

Kansas City BBQ

A man named Henry Perry moved from an area outside of Memphis to the Kansas City area in the early 1900s and opened a store. Served ribs cooked slowly with sauce. The barbecue style of Kansas City and Memphis is very similar, though Kansas City takes pride in its sauce. Whether thick and tomato-based or thin and vinegar-based. With more than hundred barbecue joints and restaurants in the area, these stores needed something to prepare them to stand out from each other. Virtually every barbecue place in Kansas City has its own sauce. Some of them are very secret that recipes are preserved under lock and key. See more =

Barbecue has now begun to spread through their grand country and even out of it. Many of them have a grill, but not everyone has a barbeque or well smoker. It takes a person very skilled, trained and patient to perfect the art of barbecue on a propane grill.



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All of us love a great and delightful dinner. No one on earth could deny the way that she or he doesn’t care for delicious. The world is stuffed with loads of nourishment eateries. You can get feast wherever in light of the fact that loads of individuals on earth are related to the nourishment’s business. To eat the finest and the rich food is the yearning of any individual. Here are the top countries with the best food.

Best Cuisine in the World


Italian food is a standout amongst the most commonly eaten foods around the globe, particularly in developed nations, for example, Canada. Customary Italians like to make their own particular food, for example, pizza and pasta and purchase the fixings from supermarkets since they jump at the chance to make their suppers as indicated by their taste inclinations. Italians may likewise get some of their fixings from cultivating yet a ton of real fixings utilized as a part of Italian foods may be foreign made, for example, a few types of meat. Likewise, Italy has many shops and general stores that have practical experience in one kind of nourishment for Italians to purchase.


French cuisine is very inventive and modern. It accompanies a long chronicled foundation and primarily educated in different catering institute around the world. Making French food isn’t the same as some different cooking styles. French individuals are eminent for bringing out French Fries to everybody which are presumably the most eaten food on earth. France has various dishes on their national food, for example, terrine and Bisque and so forth. Cheddar is similarly thought to be the development of French individuals since they use cheddar just like their staple nourishment. Wine is in like manner presented with French foods.


Indian food differs with the rest of the world both in taste and cooking methods. Just like the Indian culture, food in India has likewise been affected by different civic establishments, which have contributed their offer in its general advancement and the present frame.

Cuisines of India are better known for its heat. All through India, be it North India or South India, flavors are utilized liberally in nourishment. The Indian must not be over-cooked as a part of Indian dishes convey a few or the other wholesome and in additional therapeutic properties.


Conventional Spanish cooking is rational, uncomplicated nourishment that depends on the fixings accessible locally or the yields developed territorially. Mountains went to Spain in a few bearings, going about as regular boundaries to correspondence and making transportation troublesome until the last 50% of the twentieth century. This is only one reason why cooking varies such a great amount from area to locale. Another is the way that Spain was made by joining numerous little kingdoms, each with their own customs.