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Texas is a special place when it comes to Barbecue or restaurant BBQ joints around the city. Texans have a traditional way of preparing meat in such a unique way that it is superior in taste and presentation in the whole of the states. When it comes to restaurant barbecue, Texas has it all but what makes Texas BBQ so special is that its tradition is divided into four major styles which all have their uniqueness inbound.  These styles are referred to as central Texas style, east Texas, south Texas, and west Texas.


Of course, it is obvious that beef is the primary element for barbeque. But when we talk about Texas BBQ it becomes special because that is what it makes it special. Beef is the first choice for Texans for BBQ which can be seen throughout 2000 restaurants as their main course on the menu. It has a historical background as well. Texans arguably prefer beef over pork and any other meat which shows their consistency in their cooking skills. You go to any BBQ restaurant joint, you will be amazed by the perfectly cooked beef and its presentation.

Brisket with two types are moist and lean

Another distinct feature that makes Texan restaurant BBQ so pleasant and unique is that the brisket is presented into two portions a leaner which has a lot of taste to offer and the second is a moist portion with some fat. The flavor brings to the table is amazing because it is so well cooked that you forget everything else. Some restaurants offer both types other just go with either moist or leaner options for the customers. Cooking is the core of everything involved in the recipe. Both moist brisket and lean are perfectly cooked and served wherever you go to any restaurant barbeque in Texas City.


The BBQ you will experience in Texas is unparallel because of its texture and options available to customers. Its normal to have loads of free white breed, onions, and pickles for better taste. It happens quite often that a customer gets free bread and pickles in order unless a premium order for fancy bread. The standard is pretty tasty with free offerings. Another important aspect of better barbeque is that restaurant prefers BBQ using wood over gas or charcoal which brings natural flavors taste much better. Master chiefs around the city favor wood on gas, working in an old-fashioned way. Smoke is a new trend these days for most people but not for Texans as their tradition especially from central Texas it’s wood fire that is mostly used for cooking BBQ. Check here.

All in all, the way BBQ is cooked, different methods keeping in view of tradition is amazing. Most of the BBQ is done outside in open air. While doing BBQ, one of the most difficult parts is managing the fire so the meat is not overcooked or undercooked. The Texans are amazingly good at keeping the meat perfectly cooked throughout the process. The simplicity of their cooking, presentation and strong basic foundation about Barbecue makes the taste very special and is love around the world.